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Behind Cogni2, there's all the power of artificial intelligence (ChatGPT) at your operation's service. Optimize your agents' work with access to dynamic knowledge bases, and automate service intelligently and reaching the highest level of satisfaction.


Autopilot: The New Generation of Self-Service BOTs

Unlike traditional chatbots, which use decision trees or linear flows, Cogni2's Autopilot is a new generation of AI BOT. It offers a natural, comprehensive, and flexible experience, simulating the sophistication of human interaction. We simply define goals, instructions/rules, and provide context through a robust knowledge base. During the scheduling of a medical appointment, for example, if a user asks about the price, Autopilot provides the answer and seamlessly resumes the initial goal without any hitches.

Fluktuasi Suara
Fluktuasi Suara
Improve customer service efficiency by 30%

Copilot: Your Intelligent Assistance for Customer Service

When an agent needs to consult information or a procedure, traditional knowledge bases fall short, offering only a list of articles for reference. That's where Cogni2's Copilot comes into play. More than just an assistant, it's a true co-pilot for agents, providing automatic response suggestions, clarifying doubts about products/services, consulting internal procedures, and even correcting messages before they are sent. Additionally, it accesses all the functions of the autopilot, such as scheduling appointments, allowing everything to be resolved in a single screen, as if it were a WhatsApp conversation. Transform your customer service with Cogni2's Copilot!

Use any unstructured information and let the AI magic happens

Let Cogni2 Build and Update Your Operation Knowledge Base for You

Cogni2 allows you to import any type of unstructured information, making the creation of a knowledge base for customer service quick and easy. No matter the source - website text, documents, PDFs, Word files, support tickets, customer service forums, or voice recordings; our artificial intelligence platform can interpret, cleanse, and extract the valuable content present in these sources to create a complete and always up-to-date knowledge base. In addition to imported static information, Cogni2 also allows you to generate and update dynamic content from any website (e.g., retrieving the current status of the WhatsApp API), ensuring that Autopilot and Copilot always have the most current and comprehensive information at their disposal.


Curation with the Scale and Precision of AI

After importing the information, our AI platform generates all possible questions and answers for your products and services, which could mean thousands or even tens of thousands of articles. Our artificial intelligence identifies divergent points and unanswered questions, allowing curation to be necessary for only a tiny fraction of the articles. Even so, you have total control over the content and can manually edit the articles if you prefer.


Security and privacy first

At Cogni2, we recognize the importance of the security and privacy of your company's and your customers' information. Our platform was designed with the best data security practices and complies with all privacy regulations and laws, such as GDPR and LGPD. But it's not just that. The architecture of Cogni2 ensures that your company's data will never be used by anyone else - they are not used to feed any service other than yours. With Cogni2, you have total control over your information.

2 Products, one brain

Flexible prices aligned with the effective use of the platform, allowing for scaling usage gradually, with no minimum contract time commitment. Scalability guaranteed without compromising the operation.


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Aimed at service operations (call center, gig workers, sales)


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